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Industrial Nylon-like


We`re launching a big Industrial product range. And the first product we tell you about is Nylon-like. This is a flexible resin with the high impact strength. Your best choice for printing impact-resistant prototypes and functional products. We recomend use it for printing such details as housings, gears, brackets and etc.
When we say this material is flexible - it really is. It easily returns the shape even after you put the model under a car`s wheel and step on the gas (video on our instagram).
But we don`t recommend to use the material in contact with water and in aggressive environments, such as acids, alkalis and their solutions, as well as in contact with solvents.

See more here.
Don`t forget to print the calibrating test first before the main printing start. If you`ll have troubles - don`t hesitate to refer our technical support.