Сhess tournament


Congratulations to all fans of the game on the international day of chess! Many fans of this game are working in the 3D industry, so HARZ Labs is organizing a friendly online blitz chess tournament for everyone involved in 3d technologies in Russia and, of course, in other countries too. And the most important part is that a star guest, a well-known international grand master, will take a part in our tournament too! So, everyone will have a chance to play against a serious chess player! The name of the star guest is still kept secret. We will announce it before the start of the tournament, which will be held in early August 2020. All tournament participants will receive memorable gifts. We are waiting for you!

Tournament rules: blitz 3 minutes + 1 second per move.
Tournament format: 1 hour. Arena on the website lichess.org < br >
To participate in the tournament, you must write to the info@harzlabs.ru