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Advice and answers from the Harzlabs Team

How to cast HARZ Labs Dental Cast resin?

Recommendations for burning out Dental Cast Cherry

1. Printing and preparing the model 
When creating a model intended for printing, you should follow our recommendations: 
Minimum wall thickness of the model must be at least 500 microns 
The thickness of the supports must be at least 800 microns 
The size of the support contact must be at least 500 microns 
The lifting/lowering speed of the platform must not exceed 50 mm / min 
When placing supports, it is necessary that the model is stable, and does not have the ability to sway and deviate during the printing process. 
The cement gap for temporary crowns should be set to 80-100 microns. 
2. Post-processing 
After printing, the models should be washed using isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. We recommend using an ultrasonic bath for more thorough washing of parts, and in the case of working with complex shape model - wash them using a synthetic brush. 
We recommended to blow out parts of complex shape with compressed air after washing. 
Warm up and post-cure the product in accordance with the recommendations given in the table
It is necessary to pack the model no later than 4 hours after printing, otherwise the part may be significantly deformed. 
3. Burning 
To burn this resin, it is necessary to use dental molding masses suitable for the shock burn cycle, such as Bellavest Bego SH. 
The burn-out cycle should be used as recommended by the manufacturer of molding mass, but remember that the resins burns out at a temperature of 950 degrees for 50 minutes, respectively, the calcination schedule should have a shelf of 950 degrees for 50 minutes. 
4. Mechanical treatment 
Mechanical treatment of crowns after pouring is carried out as necessary. 
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