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How to cast J-Cast resin?

Printing and preparing the model

When creating a model intended for printing, you should follow our recommendations:
Minimum wall thickness of the model must be at least 500 microns
The thickness of the supports must be at least 800 microns
The size of the support contact must be at least 500 microns
The lifting/lowering speed of the platform must not exceed 50 mm / min
When placing supports, it is necessary that the model is stable, and does not have the ability to sway and deviate during the printing process.



After printing, the models should be washed with isopropyl alcohol (IPA). We recommend using ultrasonic bath filled with IPA. Washing cycles should be done until the parts will be free of liquid resin. Manual washing with soft paint brush could facilitate the cleaning process.
Afterwards, printed parts recommended to blow with compressed air and finally dried at 80 C for 10 minutes.

Post curing in UV chambers under glycerol (in order to achieve better curing of printed parts surface) until the part will change color from blue to semitransparent.


To burn this resin, you can use gypsum molding mass for burning at a temperature of about 750 degrees. Examples of such molding masses are: Plasticcast, Prestige Oro, Prestige optima.
The burnout profile depends on the size and volume of the parts. Larger parts require a longer burnout profile. Below is the recommended burnout profile for parts that have the shape and size of jewelry rings.


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