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What post-processing is required?

What does gives postprocessing of printed models? Properly performed postprocessing not only ensures the biocompatibility of the Dental resins, but also allows the models to get their physical and mechanical characteristics, such as strength and hardness. For illustration, the test results of the HARZ Labs Dental Sand samples are shown below.


The post-processing of the models after printing involves thorough washing. The products should be washed with alcohol (ethyl or IPA).
To wash printed models thoroughly, it is necessary to use ultrasonic bath or specialized washing station. Also you can use a synthetic brush for washing models of complex shape.
To optimize alcohol consumption you can divide the washing operation into two parts. Models is first placed in a container of dirty alcohol to wash out liquid resin, and only then in a ultrasonic bath with clean alcohol to finally clean the surface.
After completing the washing, we recommend blowing off the alcohol with compressed air.
Washing time you can find on our website in the table "Postprocessing" in the column "washing" The figures "2 x 3min" indicate that it is recommended to wash the product in 2 baths for 3 minutes each.

Table with postprocessing modes, "Washing" section


After washing, it is recommended to heat models in dry heater. This is necessary in order to evaporate the alcohol from the surface layers of the model, as well as to remove remove the tension between the layers. This step is especially important for models used in dentistry in direct patient contact.
The heating time and temperature are listed on our website in the "Postprocessing" table in the "Heating" column

Table with postprocessing modes, "Heating" section

Final Curing

After taking the model out of the oven after heating, you need to cure it in the UV station, this will allow the material to fully polymerize and get the stated strength. Each resin requires its own time of final curing. The final curing time may vary depending on the curing station used. For dentistry, it is necessary to use high-powered curing statinons that are able to cure the material well, because only then will biocompatibility and the desired strength be achieved. For example, you can use Wanhao Boxman or Otoflash. Curing stations with heater can be used, but it is necessary to heat models before curing.
The final curing time is specified on our website in the table "Postprocessing" in the column "Postcuring".

Table with postprocessing modes, "Postcuring" section

Post-processing table

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