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Resins for Desktop SLA

HARZ Labs produces resins for various types of desktop 3D printers, including SLA. The most common manufacturer of these printers is Formlabs. A feature of printers produced by this company is that printers have closed software that does not allow the user to interfere with print settings, and therefore does not allow the use of resin fr om any third-party manufacturer.
Our company has found a way out of this situation. We have developed materials that allow printing in modes similar to those of original resins. There is a special mark on the packaging of such materials Form2.

FORM2 mark on HARZ Labs Dental Peach resin bottle 

Using of resins
When working with these resins, there are several important nuances related to the closed printer system and with system automatic material feed. Formlabs Form2 printers, have Open Mode printing built in. This mode is enabled directly on the printer screen.
You need to click on the image of the printer, thereby going to the section "Your printer", then open "Settings" and then open the window "Open Mode", wh ere you move the slider to the mode "On".

Enabling Open Mode on the Formlabs Form2 printer

After this, you should pour the resin into the cuvette. To print in open mode, be sure to use only the LT cuvette (green). The material should be poured by the level on the tray.

Preparing to print a Formlabs printer

After pouring the material into the cuvette, you should prepare the model in PreForm. When you start the program, you will be proposed to select the desired printer, print mode, and layer thickness. You can find the correct print modes and recommended layer thickness on our website.

Selecting a print mode in PreForm program

After that, all that remains is to prepare the model for work and start printing. It is worth remembering that the material level must be controlled manually.


If all conditions are met, you will get stable and high-quality printing results.

Crown made of HARZ Labs Dental Bleach Form2 resin coated with glaze HARZ Labs Glaze

 Model made of HARZ Labs Model White Form2 resin

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