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Resins for Desktop LCD/DLP

HARZ Labs company produces a wide range of resins for desktop photopolymer 3D printers.
The most popular are LCD and DLP printers. In the first case, printers use an LCD screen to project an image onto the build area, while the second uses a DMD matrix capable of refracting light from LEDs onto the build area.
These printers are most often equipped light source with a 385 nm or 405 nm of wavelength. That's exactly what our resins for desktop LCD and DLP printers are.
HARZ Labs resins are divided into several main lines, depending on the application.

Dental resins

The Dental line of resins is designed to solve various tasks in dentistry and dental engineering.

Models made of these resins after proper post-processing are biocompatible, allowing them to be used for a wide range of tasks, such as printing temporary crowns, master models for thermoforming eliners, surgical templates, splints, gum masks, mouth guards for various purposes, demonstration models, individual trays and much more.

The line of materials is fully certified in Russia and has the registration certificate of a medical device.

Model from Dental Peach resin with Dental Clear resin splint installed


 Bugel prosthesis from Dental Cast Cherry resin for burnout followed by casting. 

Model resins

The Model line of resins is designed for printing a variety of artistic and decorative models. The resins are available in a variety of colors. Resins are safe for home use and virtually odorless. Easy to clean with alcohol. Can be modified with Industrial Flex resin to obtain new properties. The materials in this range are compatible with silicones on tin-catalyst.

Separately, the resin Basic Red is a budget material created for training and printing various models, as well as modeling, quite accurate and odorless.

Model from HARZ Labs Basic Red resin

Decorative model from HARZ Labs Model Black resin

Miniature from HARZ Labs Model Grey resin 

Industrial resins

Industrial line resins are resins with special physical and mechanical properties that allow printing models for various engineering tasks. At the moment there are two resins of this line available for public sale. They are Industrial ABS resin, with mechanical properties similar to molded ABS plastic, and Industrial FLEX - elastically plastic material that can be used as a modifier of modeling resins to change their properties, giving them plasticity and strength.

Functional latch from HARZ Labs Industrial ABS resin

Shock-resistant watch case from HARZ Labs Industrial Flex resin

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